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AppBooster is a self-service platform for mobile app installs and premium user acquisition. It gives app developers and agencies total control over their marketing budget distribution. AppBooster brings together all major sources of incentivized and premium traffic, with smart pricing based on CPI and global reach

With AppBooster you can:

  • Manage your balance and decide how much money to spend on each campaign
  • Avoid wasting time with account managers and fine-tuning numerous account settings
  • Start boosting your campaign immediately and get maximum exposure on global and local markets

CPI (Cost Per Install) is a metric that shows the acquisition cost of users that installed your app. The advertiser is charged a fixed or bid rate, but only when the app is downloaded, installed and opened.

AppBooster offers the one stop mobile solution for media buyers and allows to buy rewarded and premium traffic directly from multiple display advertising marketplaces all around the world.

Rewarded CPI Campaign
Rewarded CPI campaign is good for app soft-launching, enlarging user bases and testing Click-to-Install conversion rates. In general, buying volumes of cheap installs may lead to higher rankings and visibility of your app on the app store, and as a result it helps generate more organic traffic and increase app’s page views. AppBooster allows you to buy large numbers of rewarded installs and helps you hit all these goals.

Premium CPI Campaign
Premium CPI campaign combines a risk free CPI (Cost per Install) model and powerful mobile display advertising connected to 100+ trusted publishers, networks and SSPs. Our in-house smart bidding technology enables you to buy display ads in real-time marketplaces. No incentivization is used across premium publishers, you acquire real users who are likely to show higher loyalty and engagement in your app, comparing to Rewarded CPI.

AppBooster CPI inventory is available for free apps only. If your app is paid and you want to advertise it, we can offer you CPC (Cost per Click) traffic. Feel free to contact our support at to learn more about CPC inventory for paid apps.

Getting Started

To start buying CPI traffic on the AppBooster, you need to take a few steps, as follows:

  • Set up postback integration
  • Add funds to your account ($100 minimum)
  • Create campaign
Read this guide to learn more.

AppBooster supports any tracking system that can generate tracking links and send postbacks.

  • Go to the “Tracking” section in your campaign settings
  • Copy “Postback URL” from the bottom of the page and implement it into your tracking system
  • Go back to campaign setting page on AppBooster, “Tracking” section. Use “Tracking link for test” to download and open an app on your mobile device. Use the IP of the country from the GEO targeting you set earlier (you can use VPN on mobile device or set global targeting for the test)
  • This app install should appear in both your tracking system and AppBooster dashboard - this will mean that the tracking integration is successful

Copy and add this macro to your adjust tracker URL:

For example, your adjust tracker URL looks like this: where “123abc” is the 6-digit tracking code.
After you add the postback macro, your URL will be:

For more information please visit adjust’s guide.

In your AppsFlyer dashboard, go to Integrated Partners under Configuration menu item, type in “comboapp” in the search line and choose ComboApp: In the ComboApp Configuration window, copy the Tracking Link for ComboApp: For more information please go to AppsFlyer’s Integrated Partner Configuration.

A preview link is a link to your app’s page on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

You need a credit card, a PayPal account, or a bank account. The minimum sum required is $100.

It depends on what type of CPI campaign you choose on the AppBooster to advertise your app.

In case you choose Rewarded CPI campaign, you do not need to use creatives since this type of campaign will use incentivized sources, meaning that users will be rewarded for downloading and installing your app.

Premium CPI campaign requires you to upload creatives (banners in JPG or PNG) that will be used across premium sources (platforms, direct publishers, networks) to buy media, with absolutely no incentivization. Depending on sources, your creatives will be placed on web sites and mobile apps. Creatives shall be designed and formatted according to IAB Display Advertising Guidelines.

Running campaigns

When all the settings are ready, you can either start the campaign immediately or schedule it for a certain day and time.

The CR or conversion rate is the proportion of users who install an app to users who have tapped on app advertisement. An install is considered a conversion: (Conversion / Clicks) x 100 = CR % AppBooster cares about the advertiser's productivity and quality of campaigns promoted on the platform. All of the campaigns are required to have at least a 20% CR. In case of a continuously low CR, all the advertiser’s campaigns will be permanently stopped.

CPA Network is the optimal tool for cost-effective user acquisition with a large and diversified performance network of publishers. Managed Buys service provides premium traffic from direct sources to turn your user acquisition efforts into loyal customers.

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