Get started with AppBooster
You can start a campaign on AppBooster in 3 steps below.
In case of questions, feel free to contact Support team at
  1. Fill out the short signup form to create an account.
  2. Note: once you submit your signup request, a confirmation link is sent to your email, please be sure to confirm it.

  3. Add funds to your account:
    1. Go to the “Balance” section.
    2. Choose a payment method: Credit Card, PayPal, Invoice
      credit card
    3. Enter your details. Please note that the minimum amount to top up is $200 for Rewarded CPI or $500 for Premium CPI. Learn more: what types of ad campaign can I run on AppBooster?
    4. Note: transaction fee is 5%.

  4. Create a campaign
    1. Go to the “Campaigns” section and click “Create Campaign”
      create campaign
    2. Add a preview link. What is a preview link?
      preview link
    3. Add a tracking link.
      tracking link
    4. Important: if it is your first AppBooster campaign, complete a postback tracking test. Learn more: how to integrate my tracking system with AppBooster?

    5. Set up GEO targeting
      geo targeting
    6. Set up device type
      device type
    7. Allocate your budget: daily/total cap, campaign duration time
      daily cap
    8. Click “Create Campaign” to finish your campaign setup
      create campaign

Now, you’re good to go!